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Friday, June 24, 2011

Pattern Quilt

My heart has many paths
written down by feet.
Often they cross cross
and meet again,
seperate and complete.
Some are scitter scattered,
and some look polka dot,
but every step's left
an impression
to leave no empty spot.
And the feet that wrote the patterns
belong to those I've met,
on my path through other hearts
where my steps are forever set.
As my path meets someone elses,
in turn their path meets mine,
which means the path their writting
will write on me for a time.
And so their footprints add into
the writting on my heart,
and perchance on their path through me,
new pathways they will start.
And while their on a path through me,
I'm on a path through them,
meeting people that they know,
and exchanging pathways then.
In the end if you sewed every heart
into a pattern quilt,
you'd see we're all connected
from every stepping path we've built.

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